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This 2 weeks short course on photography is intended for anyone with an interest in learning how to take professional photographs or enhanced their skills in photography.

No experience necessary! 

Course start: Aug 24th 2021

End Date: sept 2nd 2021

Application now close

Course Tutor: Sama kai


Sama Kai (Kai for short) is a London based photographer, born in Freetown, Sierra Leone and migrated to the UK in 2003. 

Sama is renowned for his work in capturing the black lives matter movement (demonstration) in the UK. With some of his images being used by major news outlets to help tell the story of the rise against racism.

He has also over the years capture iconic photographs of some of the world's most celebrated people ranging from musicians, actors/actresses, athelets and leaders.

he considered himself as someone who was born with the unique ability to create memory through photography even before he decided to pursue it full time.


Photography for him is about perspectives. being able to capture things from an angle, that explores fully the moment is remarkable and inspiring. Through his lens, he has been able to tell some powerful story and continue to do so till date.

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